Happy Friday Tuesday!!! You caught me …it’s my Friday! And even though I’m not feelin’ 100% today, I’m off to the left coast for a little 5-day adventure tomorrow. Highlights will include (but are not limited to) …

  1. San Francisco city-livin’
  2. Monterey cruisin’
  3. Tahoe shreddin’
  4. Sonoma sippin’
  5. Lulu shoppin’, and
  6. Recipe cookin’ (Chili Rellenos, anyone?)

I tried to pack some nutrient-dense food into my eats today to help fix whatever is off in my bod.

  • Breakfast: OSAL+orange+2 vitamins
  • Mid-morning snack: Smoothie (soymilk+mixed berries+honey+oats+sprinkle of granola on top) …sorry I forgot to snap a photo looked like the smoothie from yesterday
  • [insert 2 hour nap, and Corepoweryoga’s C2 class. What a great cleanse …I leave every single class in disbelief of how much I sweat. Gross, but good!]
  • Late-afternoon snack: 1.5 grapefruits+water+emergen-c while watching an episode of Castle. Good episode. Speaking of shows, does anyone have Weeds season 5 that I can borrow?
  • Early dinner: Veggie wrap! Somewhat inspired by Holly, I sautéed some Organic Girl spinach, heated up some of those SP chunks, refried black beans, and a sprinkle of goat cheese …headed it all over the stove top to crisp up the tortilla. Doesn’t that look good!

Before I say so-long, check out the blogroll I added …lots of other good reads out there, kiddos. Check ’em out!

Question Master: What’s your quick-fix for a sore throat/achy bod? Help!


Short ‘n Sweet

So this will only take a couple minutes, because truly I should be getting ready for work …

Those three grainy photos above would be: OSAL (organic-skim-agave-latte), a couple pieces of fruit to snack on today, and my daily multivitamin as of late.

Questions Master: What’s your favorite multivitamin? I’ve been in search of a GREAT one.

Also, I haven’t figured out how to add a blogroll, so anyone out there that knows how, please advise. In the mean time, here are a couple blogs I really enjoy readying:

1. katheats
2. thehealthyeverythingarian
3. jen’s menu and lifestyle blog

Today’s eats will be coming from Shamrocks (lunch) and The Grand Pizza (dinner)… work meeting offsite. I’ll letcha know my thoughts.

Take care