Night & Day

Currently in my Margarita pants (obsessed), listening to Colbie Caillat “I Never Told You” (obsessed) sippping some bedtime tea (not obsessed).

Last night I did a little food/bev prep. I had a bag ‘o pots’ (sweet pots, to boot) to prep and some iced tea to make. Thanks, Mikey for the green tea+agave idea!

Washed, chopped, and baked, the pots went into the oven (~40min@400-degrees). Simultaneously, I boiled about a quart of water and plopped in 5 TJs green tea bags ….steeped for a couple minutes and poured into a jug over ice. Perfect little something to sip any time of day. That was my evening activity …holler.

Come morning, it was time for my OSAL.

[insert 30min slippery, sloppy drive to the office]

Breakfast was another batch of fantastic oats.

Ooomazing oatmeal

  • 1/4c my oat mix (steel-cut+old-fashioned)
  • 1/2c hot water
  • 1/2tbsp cinnamon
  • [microwaved ~1minute]
  • 1/4c fat-free ricotta cheese+Libby’s pumpkin
  • Splash of soymilk
  • Sliced naner
  • 1/2tbsp chia seeds

Sounds like a lot, cause it was! Filled me up for 4+ hours. Oh, and I sipped on that Acai antioxidant superfood drink by Sambazon that I picked up yesterday at the store. Highly recommend. I can’t remember verbatim but I think the bottle claimed some 100+ acai berries per bottle. Met my quota for the month. The bottle was between $3 and $4, so it won’t be a regular buy, but a good find. Between that and a Kombucha, I’m not sure what I’d opt for …probably loyal to Kom.

So, fast forward to lunchie time …I experimented a little bit, much thanks to Good Earth. If you’ve never been there, go! You won’t regret it. So, those sweet pots that I roasted last night …I used about 3/4c of those (skin and all) and added some shaved ginger+cinnamon and heated them for ~1minute in the microwave. I ‘mashed’ them with a fork and called it a side ‘o veggies. The headliner of my lunch was a lil berry+bean salad.

Berry+Bean Salad

The salad was enough. Considering I wasn’t too hungry after such a fab breakfast, I was ok with it. I snacked on a couple Wheat Things later in the afternoon cause they’re so damn good ….follow by an upset tummy remedied by some peppermint tea.

All in all, a good night, day, and night again.

Question Master: Anyone have a good chili recipe? It’s sounding good, and I need some ideas.


Daily Grind

Since I will be ‘out of office’ tomorrow and most of Wednesday, the Sunday grocery shopping got axed. That means I get will be extra creative with my ‘meals.’ Please note, I never sacrifice my latte. It was another d-lish organic-skim-agave-latte this morning.

Breakfast was creamy-pumpkin-oats. See recipe below for a no-fail start to your morning.

1/4c Quaker oatmeal (I mix old-fashioned oats with steel-cut for texture)
1/4c Trader Joe’s soymilk
1/4c Water
1/2tbsp Cinnamon
1 sliced Banana
1/3c Libby’s pumpkin purée
1/2tbsp chia seeds

The trick here is mixing the oats, soymilk, water, and cinnamon together and microwave for ~1-2min. THEN, stir in pumpkin (and additional soymilk if you prefer …you’ll max out your vitamin A daily need here with the pumpkin). Slice the naner on top and sprinkle with chia seeds ….let stand for a couple minutes and the oats will thicken up. Pumpkin is a great thickener! I’ve seen it camouflaged used in turkey chili …super good.

Lunch was a mish-mash. This is where my ‘creativity’ really had to come into play.
Leftover quinoa mixed with a Trader Joe’s veggie blend (soybeans, corn, red pepper), a string cheese, and some apple cider vinegar. I had a side of steamed brussel sprouts – nothing fancy here. Then, I satisfied my ridic sweet tooth with some dark chocolate-covered cherries.

Question Master: What do you eat when you’re craving something sweet?