6 days in 1 post, BAM! thatsalottafood

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. AND, I’ve got some good things goin’ on. My left coast trip is over and, true to my prediction, the trip was fabulous.

First order of biznas …pictures.

Highlight recap:

  • Beautifull dinner. Enjoyed the Green Thai Chicken Curry Bowl with Quinoa– wish they had one of these in Minneapolis. Wasn’t in blog mode and forgot to snap a pic – the link above will do it justice, promise.
  • Was introduced to Cowgirl Creamery Mt Tam cheese – holy heaven
  • Created an interest for the showtime hit, Dexter
  • Road-tripped down the PCH to Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay – Waiter at Half Moon Bay Brewery told us Mavericks was happening over the weekend
  • Made a traditional Chile Rellenos (fresh, not fried) dish+tomatillo salsa – secret ingredient is Knorr chicken bouillon (owned by Unilever, who knew)
  • Ran along the bay – not a great idea if you’re sick with a runny nose
  • Also not a good idea to drink while sick, so that picture of me with the large bottle ‘o Veuve Clicquot was only for fun
  • Successfully snowboarded Alpine Meadows …best of all, it was 50 degrees!
  • Consumed salmon/cous-cous/broccoli bowl
  • Bought a fantastic new lulu top
  • Helped my friend pick out an espresso maker!!! Also sipped some fabulous La Boulange lattes
  • Saw Valentine’s Day and finished a 1,000 piece puzzle – they call me the puzzy master

Totally unrelated and absolutely necessary – Your daily funny. I picked up the term ‘fail’ from a coco. It’s quite amusing to use in commonspeak when referring to someone who is, well, failing. This blog does a good job of taking it to the next level – Fail blog.

Question Master: Why arn’t you commenting on my blog? C’mon folks, let’s get some chitty chat rollin.



I neglected to take ANY photos the last two days …whoops. Better luck tomorrow. Below is a quick review of the two restaurants I experienced yesterday.

Shamrocks for lunch yesterday ….AMAZING SPF (sweet potato fries). They were dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with an aioli (garlic, olive oil, egg, salt) dipping sauce. Coulda eaten a whole basket. Buffalo chicken sammy …HOT&SPICY but too much bun.

Grand Pizza …decent. I prefer super-thin or wood-oven pizzas to this. Wouldn’t recommend it.

Question Master: What has your high-low been of the week?

I’ll lead, you follow. High …yoga+dinner tonight with my great, old-time friend Alex! Those ginger yams at Good Earth were d-lish, huh? Low …this cold, dry weather!! I need some sun and a beach.