Grammy Day

Anyone else excited to watch the Grammy’s tonight? I definitely won’t watch the entire show, but it will¬†be some good, mindless entertainment after some errands, a massage, and candlelight yoga.

I woke up this morning with my lower back hurt-ing! All signs point to the sculpt class yesterday. The massage should take care of that. Hopefully.

So I left y’all yesterday afternoon after my Yoga+Smoothie, right? Well, that didn’t hold me over until the little party I had at 6:30 so I snacked on some Wheat Thins and Bearitos Low Far Spicy Refried Beans. Has anyone seen the new advertisements for Wheat Thins? Not their best work. I also made some hummus with that fabulous immersion blender of mine. I added too much of the liquid from the Garbanzo beans, so I improvised ..recipe below:

-1 can 365 Garbanzo beans
-1tbsp 365 roasted Tahini (nothing more than ground sesame seeds, a must-have for hummus)
-1/2tbsp minced garlic
-1tbsp red pepper flakes
-salt to taste (optional)
-1/2c Bob’s Red Mill High Protein TVP (texturized vegetable protein)

I read about TVP in one of my current reads (Eat To Live, Authored by Joel Fuhrmann) It’s a SUPER easy way to add protein into your diet. Especially if you’re like me and don’t eat lots of meat.

Like many evening parties, there were loads ‘o hor dourves. My favorite, to my surprise was a bacon-wrapped-jalapeno-cream-cheese skewer. Interesting, eh? Apparently if you soak jalapeno in soy sauce it takes a bit of the bite out …I could have used more bite, but they were d-lish regardless.

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby girl around March 4th …and since a name has not been decided on, my parents have coined her Tinkerbelle. How adorable is that? Part of the gift I gave them tonight was a set of 3 painted Tinkerbelle’s for her room …see picture below.

This morning’s latte ritual per usu.

Question Master: Who are you rooting for at the Grammy’s? What’s your go-to snack? I picked up Coconut Milk from the Wedge last week …any suggestions on what to use it for? Or, do you have a good brussel sprout recipe for me? And finally, any picture tips for blog posts?



Just got back from a serious sweat sesh with a friend. Yoga sculpt is one of my favorite workouts. The basic principles are yoga, but free weights were incorporated. big. time. This is a ring-the-sweat-out-of-your-clothes kind of hour-long class. Lindsay was our instructor and I think we crammed about 60 bodies into a heated room Рshe said humidity was around 55%!

You better believe that latte wasn’t going to hold me over – I chowed on a tablespoon of almond butter + two new multivitamins I picked up at The Wedge earlier this week before class. I love almond buttahhhh. The tricky part about yoga is that you usually can’t eat anything roughly 2 hours before class ….if you do, it makes it harder to be bendy!

Home from class and straight to the immersion blender <—- obsessed. I got this from my parents for Christmas and I haven’t stopped using it since the day I started. Whipped up a lil power smoothie today:

-Banana (medium)
-1/3c old-fashioned oats
-1c frozen strawberries
-1c vanilla soymilk


Daily Coffee

Good Morning! It’s a crisp 1-degree outside this Saturday morning, January 30th. I’m jamming to Lady Antebellum, sipping my morning latte. This latte, aforementioned, is something that I start every day with. For all you Midwesterners out there, I credit Caribou for my addiction passion of a good latte.

What makes my lattes so delicious and nutritious?

-1c Trader Joe’s organic milk (a new priority in my life)
-1tbsp Whole Food’s Wholesome Sweetners Organic Blue Agave (mixed into milk before I steam it)
-3tbsp Caribou Coffee ground espresso beans
-1c water (this makes my Krups espresso machine generate the steam to produce shots of espresso and steam my milk)

Question Master: How do you take your coffee? What are your morning rituals?


Please excuse the rock star quality of images as I lean the ins and outs of blogging.

Off to get my sculpting on at Corepower – usually one of the best parts of my day!

Take care